The Mill

Moulin de Bény falls under the municipality Valcivières. This small mountain village is situated 11 km. Ambert north and 35 km south-east of Thiers at 850 m. altitude in the Forez. Valcivières is one of the largest municipalities in terms of surface. in the Forez and has about 220 inhabitants (in 1901 were still there in 1454). Moulin de Bény originally dates back to 1637. The mill was used in the 17th and 18th centuries to grind flour. The wheel is driven by a branch of the mountain stream (Le Ruisseau de Billeyre) which flows through the grounds. Via our (swimming) pool it reaches the waterwheel before leaving the house on the other side under the ground, where it rejoins the main stream. In 1978 there had been a thorough renovation, including a new roof on the house and the wooden wheel replaced by a stainless steel one. In 2008 further renovations were carried out. The connection between the old and the new part has become a beautiful corridor. A large window gives good views of the turning water wheel from the hallway. Typically mills throughout this area were used for paper production. Ambert still has a paper mill in use: Moulin Richard de Bas.