The Lake

Dont forget your bathing suit

All our guests have free use of the lake for swimming.

Whether you prefer to start the day with a refreshing morning dip before breakfast, or to unwind and enjoy later in the day - our lake is available to all our guests.
The lake is open edged and has two decking areas.
As with all bodies of natural water, it has its own eco-system which includes microscopic life, plants, fish and the occasional otter! The lake is almost 2m at its deepest part. It is filled with water from the stream that flows from higher up the mountain.
It is all natural and does not contain any chlorine, algicides and other toxic chemicals that are found in your local municipal swimming pool.

Health Benifits of 'Wild swimming'

Boosting your immunity: According to Scientists a plunge into cold water is like a shock attack on your body and it responds by producing white blood cells to deal with the attack. The scientists studied subjects who were immersed in cold water for an hour everyday and it was discovered that their white blood cell count had increased along with their general immunity.
Exercise: Swimming is exercise for your body. It works every single muscle in your body and burns a great deal of calories. But the fact that the swimming is done outdoors means the work done by your body is twice as much as in a pool since the body is trying to keep you warm. The result of this is better lung and heart function, improved muscle toning, and better body endurance.
Stress reliever: Outdoor swimming has a psychological effect that promotes a feeling of general well being which is essential in relieving stress, promoting a positive attitude which will boost energy levels and at times it has a placebo effect strong enough to promote healing of the body.
Improves Blood Circulation: Closely related to boosting your immunity, is blood circulation, your heart reacts to extreme conditions like cold by pumping more blood to your organs which will improve the circulation in your body thus serving as a flush system for your body ensuring that impurities are removed. The result of this will be a better glowing skin, which may be associated with slowing down the aging process.

Natural pools compared to Conventional swimming pools

Eczema, rashes, itchy and prematurely ageing skin, increased risk of allergy and breathing problems
You may have converted to organic, paraben-free non-toxic alternatives to conventional shampoos, skin care and health products, for preventative reasons or to cure ongoing conditions such as eczema. But have you concidered the rest of your body?
Your skin is the largest of all our bodily organs. As a living, breathing organism, anything we put into contact with our skin can be absorbed, consequently proving to be either beneficial or harmful to the rest of the body.
Still many people rarely consider the consequences of extended contact of chlorine, algicides and other toxic chemicals (found in municipal pools) absorbed through the skin, or inhaled and absorbed through the lungs!
Once you have experienced the wonderful feeling of swimming out in wild pools, you wont want to swim in anything else! Far from the drying effects of chlorine, this natural alternatives actually lubricate the skin, making you feel clean and soft. Many sufferers of drying skin conditions actively seek out regular wild swimming sessions to alleviate unpleasant symptoms.
Natural waters are full of life, biological energy from plants and different creatures, minerals, enzymes, and many other beneficial substances. Swimming in natural waters has been prized as a therapy for many health problems for centuries.
As always - please remember to take care when swimming. We advise against diving in. It is your responsibility to supervise your children at all times.